26 Essential Lessons to Start, Run, and Grow

Your New Business from the Ground Up

"Terrific book and a MUST READ for anyone who wants to start their own business, or already has… there is such great insight and valuable information here, you’d be a fool not to give it a quick read." - (5 Stars) 

Jenna Brewster
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What's in Rock Your Business?

Want to run your own small business? Become self-employed? Freelance full-time, or work as an iPro (independent professional)? You're not alone. The rise in self-employment, including freelancing, is altering the economies of countries like Canada, the UK, EU member countries, and the US. Soon, you--along with the majority of the global workforce--will need at least some understanding of how to run a business. Because your livelihood will depend on it.

Award-winning former journalist Boni Wagner-Stafford and serial entrepreneur John Wagner-Stafford, co-founders of Ingenium Books, help you explore what it takes to work for yourself rather than someone else, including how to find your business idea and who might benefit. You'll also learn:

  •  How your why and your purpose set you apart from competitors
  • Which legal matters to address head on and how to choose the right business structure
  • What to do about intellectual property, systems, hiring, and meetings
  • Tips for cash flow management, productivity, and how and when to ditch bad customers
  • Everything that goes into creating great brand content that connects
  • How to tell it's the right time to grow your business and when to sell, and
  • What to watch for when you're working too long and too hard and you need to take a break.
Boni & John on S/V Ingenium

Boni and John's business and life experience have taught them that you can do what you want and that anything is possible; that convention and conformity are not always a good thing. They aim to help you embrace your own independent nature, get things done faster, better, open new markets, take responsibility, rise from failures, make a significant contribution to the global economy... and Rock Your Business.

"Great narrative that is personable, knowledgeable and easily understood, this book is a useful guide that is a must read for anyone considering starting their own business." Recommend. (5 stars) 

Gillian Hancock
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"A highly recommended read that can help you to better understand the many issues with running your own business." (4-5 stars)

Laura Clarke
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""Written in a bright, accessible fashion and delivers information that small business people will run with. They provide clear advice on how to improve the way you do business." 

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